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 Germany after WW2

Morgenthau Plan

Marshall Plan


Berlin Airlift  1948-9

The Birth of East Germany


 The 1953 Uprising











The Berlin Wall  1961

1961 Tank Standoff


Socialist Unity Party


The FDJ &

Junge Pioniere

The Stasi


Escaping East Germany

East German


The Brezhnev Doctrine

Ulbricht Replaced by Honecker 1971

Really Existing Socialism





Escalation of the Cold War

Glasnost and Abgrenzung

Die Wende 

(Turning Point)




Vergangenheits Bewaltung

 Mastering the Past

East German Film

East German

tv programs


East German Writers

East German Rock


East German Sports Program

The Trabant

map of East Germany

Population of East Germany


East German National Anthem

German and English lyrics




East German Glossary with

German Pronunciation

Time Line of East German History


East German News and Links




The Untold Story Of the German Secret Police


Things DDR


Twelve Years: An American Boyhood in East Germany 


Goodbye, Lenin !



t shirts &


East German

 t shirts




 East German anthem with English translation



The sudden fall of the Communism in Eastern Europe caught Western leaders and the CIA off guard . As late as 1988, West Germany's chancellor, Helmut Kohl, said he doubted he would see German Unification in his lifetime and $151 million had been spent on a new parliament building in Bonn, begun only in 1986. By the late 80s, East Germany and Romania were the last of the hard-line Socialist states. The intrusive nature of the secret police, with 1 in 7 adults being a government informer, special privileges for the party elites and the obvious material wealth and freedom beamed from West German tv stations and growing economic stagnation , Gorbachev's renunciation of the Brezhnev Doctrine and Glasnost reforms were some of the major factors leading to East German collapse by 1989.







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