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'Barbara' revisits 1980s East Germany

The chilling drama Barbara stars Nina Hoss as an East German doctor who has been banished by the state to the provinces. It's 1980.  March 3, 2013


Why is former East Germany lagging 24 years after the Wall came down ?  March 7, 2013


On the 30th anniversary of his death, the mysterious demise of East German football star Lutz Eigendorf still prompts the question  Feb 13, 2013


John Kerry's Clandestine Bike Ride in East Germany

John Kerry's Clandestine Bike Ride in East Germany. In which a 12-year-old Kerry almost caused an international incident and lost his passport . Feb 26, 2013


Cashing in on the East

Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall "ostalgia" or nostalgia for the East has led to a surge in popularity for East German products



 Checking in to the past: history in an East German hotel


East Germany paid guards £350 for each dead escapee


Raising a Glass to East Germany-Time


Untouched Communist-Era Apartment Discovered



East Germany: the new Eldorado?

WENDE FLICKS: Last Films from East Germany


Botstein Revives The East German Avant-Garde


 East German athletes seek compensation


Female exodus angers East German men

Stasi files emerge through software

Commie kitsch in Stasiland

CIA files stir up specter of East German secret police



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