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Demonstrators breaking into Stasi headquarters on Jan 15, 1990.


There had been an estimated 85,000 full time Stasi agents and 109,000 private informers and an estimated 1 to 2 million east Germans had served as Stasi agents at one time or another .The Stasi left behind a staggering 2 trillion pages of reports .In 1991 the Bundestag ruled that individuals would have full access to their own files .Many Germans discovered they had been spied on for years by friends, family and co-workers .Erich Mielke, former head of the Stasi was arrested and served 2 years in jail for a the murder of two policemen in 1931. He was released early due to poor health .


Honecker and his wife in exile in Moscow



 Honecker in Chile

In Nov 1989 Honecker was placed under house arrest .He was then moved to a Soviet military hospital at Berlitz. In 1991 he was secretly flown to Moscow. By the end of 1991, the Soviet Union ceased to exist and the new government of Boris Yeltsin announced he would be willing to return Honecker to Germany .Honecker's daughter had married a man from Chile, and the Chilean ambassador, Clodomiro Almeya, who had been granted refuge in East Germany during the rule of Pinochet felt he owed Honeker a favor. In July 1992 the Russian police handed him over to German authorities, who flew him back to Berlin .His trail began on Nov 12 .He was charged with corruption and manslaughter for the deaths of 49 East Germans trying to flee East Germany .On Jan 13, 1993 the court ruled Honeker was too ill with stomach cancer to attend trail. Charges against him were dismissed and he was allowed to join his family in Chile . He died in Chile on May 29, 1994.



 Chile - Erich Honecker's Funeral

Hundreds of communists and leftists attended a funeral service in Santiago, Chile on Monday (30/5) for Erich Honecker, the former East German leader and architect of the Berlin Wall who died Sunday in self-imposed exile in Chile.


Beginning in 1990, there were many riots against foreign workers in East Germany, due mostly to the high unemployment after reunification and the growing neo-Nazi movement .





























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